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Here is a video interview of Penelope from Vogue UK

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SHE may have looked relaxed and poised as she posed at a special screening for her new film, The Counsellor, in London a few days ago but Penelope Cruz says that despite appearances she’s always racked with “crazy fears”. The actress, 39, who gave birth to baby girl Luna in July hit the red carpet last week for the first time since her second child was born. “I have so

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Penelope Cruz gave birth to her daughter Luna just three months ago, but the Hollywood star is already back on the red carpet promoting her latest movie The Counselor, and now she’s said that she has to “find a way to balance” her work and family life. The Oscar-winning actress, who has two children with husband Javier Bardem, was talking at the movie’s press conference in London on Saturday, when

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Michael Fassbender and Penelope Cruz participate in a sex scene in Ridley Scott’s new film, “The Counselor,” and in a new interview with E! Online, Fassbender confirms that the pretend intercourse was as uncomfortable as one might imagine. “It’s always a bit awkward, really. Doing scenes like that, especially cause Javier [Bardem] was sitting at the end of the bed. That was really weird,” Fassbender joked to the network. (Bardem

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Here’s a clip of Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz from ‘The Counsellor’.

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Here’s a new poster of the cast from ‘The Counselor’.

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I’ve added two new stills from The Counselor. I’ll add more once I find more. The release date for the USA is October 25 but that may still change.

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