on April 23rd, 2007 1 Comment

Found more photos from a photoshoot Pen?? ??lope did in 2006, she looks absolutly stunning in these! :smile: I’m thinking of maybe using some of these for a new layout!

on April 20th, 2007 2 Comments

I’m so happy to say that I finally finished with all the events photos! We now have over 10000 photos of our girl at various events, looking smashing at the red carpet. :smile: I still have lots of photo calls, press conferences to add and offcourse lots of other sections to update and add more to. But all of this will be added in a period. Enjoy all of the new photos for now!

on April 16th, 2007 No Comments

So one more year done! In 2003 was Penélope promoting her moviesNon ti muovere/Don’t Tempt, Fanfan La Tulipe, Masked and Anonymous, Gothika and also Tom Cruise’s movie The Last Samurai. She was in countries like Japan, France, USA and offcourse her home country Spain. I will keep adding photos from year 2002 and a lot of new-old photoshoots I found. :smile:

on April 12th, 2007 1 Comment

Been a while since I finished year 2006 but things has been hectic here and posting this update has been pushed forward all the time.

Anyways we now have photos from 2004-2007 and its a ever growing resource for events photos with Pe. I’m currently working on 2003 :smile: To view all current events photos go here and I replaced a lot of MQ’s from 2007 events with HQ ones so go and check it out!

on April 12th, 2007 No Comments

Penelope’s Lil’ Bro Drops a debut CD

The eyes have it with this boy. Brown, liquid, soulful – where have we seen them before? On his gorgeous sister, Penelope Cruz, natch.

The Cruz trio certainly has no deficit of talent. Penelope has conquered Hollywood, sister Monica is a flamenco dancer – and now, their younger brother , Eduardo, is stepping out with a debut album, “Cosas Que Contar,” (“Things To Talk About”).

He’ll open for Alejandro Sanz at the Auditorio Nacional Mexico City on April 18.

on April 6th, 2007 1 Comment

To design, front Mango ads
Actress Penelope Cruz, the darling of Pedro Almodovar films, is to design and front ads for Spanish women’s fashion chain Mango’s 2007 autumn/winter collection, just-style learned on Thursday.

Cruz and sister Monica Cruz will design 25 pieces of apparel and accessories including jeans, T-shirts, and night dresses, as well as bags, hats and gloves, a Mango spokeswoman said.

“The collection is aimed at dressing a woman in all the moments of her day,” she noted.

Mango will sell the collection, called ‘Penelope Cruz y Monica Cruz for Mango,’ in 80% of its nearly 800-global store network including Europe, the US and Asia.

Penelope Cruz will also front a global advertising campaign which will include outdoor and print ads, the spokeswoman said. Penelope will model international ads while Spanish ads will feature both Penelope and Monica, who has starred in popular Spanish TV series.

Penelope Cruz was nominated for this year’s Oscars best-actress gong for her performance in Almodovar fim ‘Volver.’

By hiring the Madrid-born actress, Mango hopes to boost momentum for its celebrity-inspired collections, which featured actress Milla Jovovich last year.

Mango is challenging fashion retail giant Inditex’s (which owns the Zara chain) lead in the world’s fast-fashion market with plans to double its global store count to over 1,550 by 2011.

on April 4th, 2007 No Comments

I have been a bit quiet lately and I’m sorry about that, but I just adopted an older dog and I’ve spent all my time on making him feel safe and comfortable here at his new home. Things will calm down soon! :)

I’m almost finished with all the 2006 events, only have 13 events left to add and then I’ll continue to add photos from earlier years. View all the 2006 photos that I added so far, here.

Thanks to my dear friend Riikka we have scans from magazine Empire (UK) – May 2007 and it has a new beautiful photoshoot with out girl. Found some more from that set and they have been added to the gallery as well. Enjoy!

on March 30th, 2007 No Comments

Have been working a lot on 2006 events photos and I still have a much more to add but view the pictures I added so far here.
Thanks to the nice Fran at Michelle Pfeiffer, The Face we have scans from the Spanish magazine Fotogramas from April 2007! I love the new photos and for you who know Spanish – enjoy the reading! :wink:

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